Field of Dreams 

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Slate Hill, NY 10973

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Three year old Program

Our 3 year old program offers structured and fun activities which introduce students to circle time, writing letters and numbers, art and music.


Four Year Old Program

Our 4 year old program is designed as a Kindergarten Preparation Program which fosters excellent learning habits for future academic success.


We Make Learning Fun

While we maintain a strict code of conduct when it comes to our curriculum, we also believe that with learning, comes some well-deserved fun.  We celebrate holidays, birthdays and special occasions all year long.  You'll receive a calendar of these events in advance, even some not on your everyday calendar, throughout the year.  The children and their families are as much a part of this learning process as all the others.  There's always a lesson to be taught when celebrating and we encourage our children to learn through festivities and crafts.  You'll see first-hand what your budding artist has been working on when they proudly bring their work home for the family to enjoy.



Field of Dreams is incorporating innovative farm-to-preschool programming!


Programs involving agriculture introduce children to life on the farm. Students will experience the opportunity to tend gardens, take care of animals( sheep, bunnies, chickens and calves, ect) and have fun, all while learning important life lessons.


Involving active learners in this type of programming at an early age will influence your child's development of healthy and responsible habits, while also helping them prepare for kindergarten with hands-on experience and activities intergrated with reading, math, science and art.


Your child will experince the world throught their senses, physical environment and active play, as well as from the positive behaviors modeled by adults. This will benefit their social, physical and cognitive development, all while cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

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